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Industrial Cybersecurity News & Attacks (English) | October 23

This report has been compiled utilizing open sources available on the Internet. Furthermore, Cyberwise and ICSFusion's industrial cyber threat intelligence analysts have meticulously analyzed data gathered from a variety of open-source tools, as well as from sources on the dark web and deep web. This report presents an examination of attacks on industrial facilities and highlights crucial news pertaining to the sector for your review.

The October report encompasses 19 distinct topics derived from the data scrutinized during the month. Of these topics, 37% are associated with news concerning attacks, 47% are linked to reports/guides, and 16% pertain to vulnerabilities.

When categorized by sectors, the report addresses issues concerning "all" industrial facilities at a rate of 63%, whereas issues specific to the energy sector are covered at 37%.

The October report delves into a thorough examination of over 300 ransomware cases that unfolded during the month. This comprehensive analysis offers valuable observations and insights about the sector, all of which are presented for your review within the report.

Download PDF • 4.85MB

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