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ICSFusion CORE is the primary platform component, specifically designed to operate passively within operational technology (OT), Internet of Things (IoT), and cyber-physical environments. It provides comprehensive visibility, robust cybersecurity, and compliance for the entire cyber-physical ecosystem, allowing you to take control over assets, vulnerabilities, threats, and risks.

How ICSFusion CORE works?

ICSFusion CORE utilizes advanced data collection methods and enrichment techniques to gather comprehensive information from a range of sources within operational technology (OT), Internet of Things (IoT), and cyber-physical environments. These sophisticated methods enable deeper visibility and enhanced insights, ensuring thorough and informed security and operational security.


Passive data collection in ICSFusion CORE leverages SPAN or mirror ports, minimizing interaction with the cyber-physical environment to maintain system integrity while capturing comprehensive data. This approach ensures that monitoring is conducted unobtrusively, preserving the normal operation of the network while providing valuable insights.

Active Native Hybrid Scanner

The Active Native Hybrid Scanner in ICSFusion CORE uses the ICSForce component to perform safe, targeted queries on the cyber-physical ecosystem. This method combines active scanning with native system interaction to provide comprehensive and accurate insights without compromising the integrity of the network and components.

File Parsing

ICSFusion CORE parses project files to enhance asset and vulnerability data, providing richer and more detailed information about the cyber-physical ecosystem. This process ensures that the system's inventory and risk assessments are up-to-date and comprehensive, facilitating more effective management and security measures.

What ICSFusion CORE does?

Asset Discovery & Management

Discover your assets for your entire OT, IoT and IIoT ecosystem, track asset inventory and manage your asset in real time.

Threat Detection & Management

Get real time insights for known and unknown threat activity across all cyber-physical environment.

Continuous Risk & Compliance

Assess and improve your compliance in real time, continuously!

Vulnerability Detection & Management

Detect, prioritize and manage your vulnerabilities across all OT, IoT and IIoT assets.

Rapid & Continuous Assessment

Get real time cyber security posture and continuously monitor your compliance status with rapid assessment module.

Managed Operations

Elevate your resilience with managed security operations provided by trusted partner ecosystem.

ICSFusion CORE Key Benefits

Improved Visibility

Enhanced Resilience

Deeper Compliance

Abstract Sphere

Architectural Components

Platform is tailored to fit all your CPS architectural needs!



ICSFusion air designed as a lighter version of ICSFusion sensor with limited functions to monitor at distributed networks.


Central Command Center

ICSFusion Central Command Center allows you to manage your entire ICSFusion Sensors and ICSFusionAIR components from a single console. Central Command Center can be deployed on premise or cloud.


ICSFusion Sensor

ICSFusion sensor has both real time traffic analysis and management capabilities on the same component.


ICSFusion SaaS Console

ICSFusion SaaS console allows you to manage your entire ICSFusion Sensors and ICSFusionAIR components from a single cloud based console. 

How to Deploy ICSFusion CORE?

ICSFusion Platform supports different type of deployment options to secure all CPS environments!

Image by Jordan Harrison

On Premise

Deploy ICSFusion Platform as a premise solution on virtual platforms or custom hardwares.

Image by Joshua Sortino


Deploy ICSFusion Platform as a hybrid strategy. Collect data on premise and monitor/manage your ecosystem at your datacenter or cloud.

Image by Growtika


Deploy ICSFusion as SaaS model. Implement data collection on premise and monitor/manage your ecosystem as a Saas Model.

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