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Industrial cybersecurity made actionable!

ICSFusion provides ultimate security&resilience with asset and industrial process driven risk prioritization for industrial companies.


One Platform for Ultimate Resilience

01. Visibility

Visibility comes first for industrial companies and networks. ICSFusion enables asset owners to take back control over assets, vulnerabilities, threats and more!

02. Security

Impact driven industrial cyber security is the best way to achieve cyber resilience. ICSFusion lets you know industrial security issues with in minutes!

03. Prioritization

Industrial companies need less noise but more actionable data. ICSFusion provides asset and industrial process driven risk prioritization to ensure security.

Person Analyzing Data

Detect. Prioritize. Act.

Bring your own OT security solution or deploy ICSFusion engine to collect data. Once the data is collected don't overload with alerts, events and notifications. Prioritize all the data based on asset and industrial process criticality. Act easily and quickly!

You don't have any human or technology resources? Don't worry, ICSFusion is a fully managed security service with SaaS model.




20+ Cybersecurity and 10+ Industrial Cybersecurity experience turning into a Managed Security Service product based on industry needs.


ICSFusion vision to protect modern daily life fundamentals through protecting industrial companies. ICSFusion helps organization to  have actionable data and services to overcome skill and technology shortage.


ICSFusion is a centralized industrial cyber security platform with managed services. Platform integrates with well known OT security tools as a data source or it uses its own engine. Once data is collected ICSFusion patent pending technology prioritize and score industrial cyber risks.



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