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Industrial Cybersecurity News & Attacks (English) | February 23

This report has been created using open sources on the Internet. In addition, the data collected from various open source tools, dark web and deep web sources have been analyzed by Cyberwise and ICSFusion industrial cyber threat intelligence analysts, and attacks on industrial facilities and some important news about the sector have been presented for your review in this report.

The report covers 34 different topics compiled from the data examined in February. 35% of these topics are related to the news about attacks, while 32% are related to the reports/advisories and 15% are related to security vulnerabilities.

When broken down to sectors, the report covers issues related to "all" industrial facilities by 47%, while topics related to the energy sector were included with a ratio of 44%.

Looking at the ransomware groups whose activities were monitored in February, the most targeted sectors exposed to ransomware attacks were finance and manufacturing, followed by the energy/oil and gas and automotive sectors. The most targeted countries in the manufacturing sector were the United States and the United Kingdom, while the United States and Indonesia were among the most targeted countries in the energy / oil and gas sector.

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