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(Governance Risk Compliance)

FusionGRC is a specialized solution for ensuring compliance in operational technology environments. It provides continuous oversight and management of governance, risk, and compliance, tailored to address the unique challenges of cyber-physical systems.

How FusionGRC works?

FusionGRC empowers organizations to effectively manage regulation, compliance, and best practices, providing a comprehensive solution that ensures adherence to industry standards and legal requirements. By integrating governance, risk, and compliance functionalities, FusionGRC simplifies complex processes, enhances transparency, and mitigates risks, enabling businesses to focus on strategic objectives while maintaining a robust compliance posture.

Supervised Management

Supervised management platform that facilitates user interaction, enabling the efficient management and tracking of a comprehensive compliance ecosystem. This tool helps ensure that all regulatory requirements and industry best practices are met, streamlining processes and fostering a culture of accountability and compliance throughout the organization.

Automated Compliance

FusionGRC ensures continuous compliance by collecting data, creating findings, and mapping them to compliance requirements in real-time. It effectively gathers information through both passive methods and selective, safe queries, providing a dynamic and up-to-date view of an organization's compliance status. This approach helps organizations stay ahead of regulatory requirements, reducing risk and ensuring that compliance is maintained seamlessly and efficiently.

What FusionGRC Does?

Regulation Compliance

FusionGRC simplifies the management of operational technology (OT) regulations by allowing you to handle all your compliance needs from a single, centralized console.

Best Practice Compliance

FusionGRC allows you to manage and track compliance with best practices in real time. It provides a robust platform for continuous monitoring and ensures that your organization adheres to industry standards efficiently.

Standard Compliance

FusionGRC enables you to manage all your standard compliance requirements from a single, unified console.

Custom Compliance

FusionGRC allows you to create, manage, and track your custom compliance status based on corporate standards or custom rules.

FusionGRC Key Benefits

Continuous Compliance

Simplified Governance

Harmonized Management

Abstract Sphere

Architectural Components

Platform is tailored to fit all your CPS architectural needs!

FusionGRC Console

FusionGRC offers a flexible and comprehensive solution to manage your entire GRC ecosystem, whether on-premises, in a hybrid setup, or through a SaaS model. With FusionGRC, you gain the power to control and integrate all aspects of governance, risk management, and compliance from a single, unified console.

FusionGRC Compliance

FusionGRC offers automated, real-time monitoring of your compliance against regulations, standards, and best practices. Through the use of passive and selective queries, FusionGRC ensures continuous and accurate tracking, providing you with up-to-date compliance status effortlessly.

How to Deploy FusionGRC?

FusionGRC Platform supports different type of deployment options to secure CPS environments

Artificial Intelligence

Deploy FusionGRC Console

Deploy the FusionGRC Console for supervised management with flexible options including on-premise for complete control, hybrid for a mix of on-premise and cloud capabilities, or SaaS for ease of access and reduced infrastructure overhead. This allows you to simplify governance, risk, and compliance, ensuring seamless integration and management tailored to your organizational needs.

Ripple Effect

Deploy FusionGRC Compliance

Deploy FusionGRC Compliance for real-time, continuous compliance monitoring, featuring passive monitoring and selective queries. Ensure comprehensive oversight and swift responsiveness to compliance requirements tailored to your organizational needs.

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